Get your business on the road and turn your vehicle into a 3D moving billboard. At Sign Studio we know that your vehicle plays a vital role in growing your business than just logistics. The graphics on your trucks, buses, cars and vans are in constant motion and reach thousands of people every day. Once we have created graphics on your vehicle they are visible 24/7 everywhere your vehicle goes including roads, parking lots, malls, restaurants, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, Airports etc.

Our Vehicle Wraps are an extremely cost-effective way to promote your business around your town and across the country where your vehicles are on route. After we’ve applied the graphics to your vehicles there is no monthly expense…. You keep running your ads rent-free month after month. Our Vehicle Wraps provide companies with a method of advertising that attracts customers and retains their attention of drivers when they are tied up in traffic. We will help you find the perfect vehicle graphic solution for your business. Sign Studio’s Vehicle Wraps provide a first impression for potential customers and serves as a reminder to those who already know you.